Love Bunnies

DSCF3365     For several years my front yard has been the home of several species of wildlife, one of which are rabbits, or as I call them, bunnies!  Watching them is a delight!  I watch over them and worry over them, and take pictures of them.  They sometimes act like cats, often seen wiping their face with their paw’s.  I love to watch them stretch their little bodies as they extend their legs as far as they can go.   Other times they remind me of my dog.  Laying stretched to their fullest length is the shade on a hot summers day.   Then there is the delight of seeing them stand on their back legs with their little paw’s hanging side by side in front of their little tummy’s.  At all times their little ears are alert and listening and when they feel the need, they are gone in a blink of my eye.  All I can do then is wait for them to come back out into the open.  They all have been very good rabbits by not bothering anything in the garden.  The yard has an endless supply of clover.

     I have ask on holidays more than once for a concrete bunny to stand in the flower bed.  Holiday’s have come and gone and no bunny!  However, this year, in February, for my birthday, I ask again. The morning before my birthday, I looked out the window and there in the flower bed stood a rabbit.  No, not concrete!  A real live rabbit.  I laughed and told everyone that it was my birthday gift.  I think it is a tame rabbit.  Somehow it got out or maybe, someone set him out.  So sad!  I call it (not knowing if it is a he or she, time will tell) Fawn.  It is the softest brown color with white cotton ball for a tail.  Fawn spent many hours eating the dried grasses in the yard.  He loved to run and jump!

    A few days after the rabbit showed up we had a bad winter storm.  I worried over that rabbit, but after the snow melted the next day, there Fawn was, as happy as ever.

     Fawn is growing and becoming a rather large rabbit.  He plays with the other rabbits in the yard and lives under the forsythia bushes with them.  They eat all the time.

    Here is a picture of Fawn.  Does anyone know what kind of rabbit he is?